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OPN Release 2.4.16 is out
OPN NewsFinally it is out: OPN Release 2.4.16 has been rolled out.

IMPORTANT!!! After autoupdate you have to run at least once a pluginrepair, a repair menus of the modules. (better to it serveral times). If you can´t see the dropdown menu,
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2009-03-15 10:41:54 29031
Release 2.4.10 !
OPN NewsHello everybody,

yes the new realease of OPN (Version 2.4.10) is out!

Several bugs have been fixed, and many new features have been added. For details please check the changelog.

There are major changes in the installation process:

  • -
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2008-01-24 09:37:18 48895
OpenPHPnuke 2.4.6 available
OPN NewsFind the full version here:
OPN 2.4.6

openphpnuke-2.4.6-full.* - The whole OPN, with modules and all languages included
openphpnuke-2.4.6-core.* - OPN without the modules
openphpnuke-2.4.6-modules-full.* - Only the modules complete

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2007-05-02 09:58:37 29804
OpenPHPnuke 2.4.5 available
OPN NewsChanged:
- Fixed some bugs and added more features.
- 2 new Modules: "LAW MAKING" and "SUPPORTNOTE"

Find the full version here:
OPN 2.4.5

openphpnuke-2.4.5-full.* - The whole OPN, with modules and all languages
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2007-03-10 13:43:45 30741
OpenPHPNuke 2.4.4 available
OPN NewsFind the full version here:
OPN 2.4.4

openphpnuke-2.4.4-full.* - The whole OPN, with modules and all languages included
openphpnuke-2.4.4-core.* - OPN without the modules
openphpnuke-2.4.4-modules-full.* - Only the modules complete

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2007-02-19 08:21:03 29266
openPHPnuke 2.4.3 available
OPN NewsFind the full version here:
OPN 2.4.3

openphpnuke-2.4.3-full.* - The whole OPN, with modules and all languages included
openphpnuke-2.4.3-core.* - OPN without the modules
openphpnuke-2.4.3-modules-full.* - Only the modules
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2006-12-04 16:43:20 21767
OpenPHPNuke 2.4.2 available
OPN NewsFind the full version here:
OPN 2.4.2

openphpnuke-2.4.2-full.* - The whole OPN, with modules and all languages included
openphpnuke-2.4.2-core.* - OPN without the modules
openphpnuke-2.4.2-modules-full.* - Only the modules
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2006-12-04 16:10:28 20619
Bugfix OPN-2.3.7
OPN NewsIt's mostly a bugfix
Find the full version here: OPN 2.3.7

Find the patch here: openphpnuke 2.3.6 to 2.3.7

openphpnuke-2.3.7-full.* - The whole OPN, with modules and all languages included
openphpnuke-2.3.7-core.* - OPN without the
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2006-09-04 08:40:41 24809
Bugfix OPN-2.3.6
OPN NewsIt's mostly a bugfix
Find the full version here: OPN 2.3.6

Find the patch here: update 2.3.5 to 2.3.6

openphpnuke-2.3.6-full.* - The whole OPN, with modules and all languages included
openphpnuke-2.3.6-core.* - OPN without the
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2006-07-08 17:24:44 24355
Developing new Media Gallery for OPN
OPN NewsThe devolopers of OPN are creating a new Mediagallery. Therefore you can find a new module mediagallery in the trunk version of OPN Subversion Repository.

Please do not install this module. It is not yet released and you will run in big
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2005-07-31 16:11:20 48386
Anonymous Download via Sourceforge available
OPN NewsIf you don't want to register and use the download we provide here, you can now use the anononymous download at sourceforge

OpenPHPNuke is released under the GPL

2005-07-25 21:40:23 39833
New feature Autolink implemented in OPN trunk
OPN NewsIf you are writing text and you are using words which are defined in Glossary module, these words are converted automatically to links to glossary.

In the following an example: avatar

Using the macro capability in OPN you can also define
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2005-07-18 12:11:01 44051
Polish translation started
OPN NewsThanks to mirek for starting polish translation. For this purpose we created a new polish language repository. People interested should contact mirek for polish language.

Do you want to translate in your language? Contact
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2005-01-30 17:43:00 59692
Happy New Year
OPN News

The OpenPHPNuke Team
You a Happy,
Healthy and
New Year !

2004-12-31 16:32:50 41301
Merry Christmas
OPN News

We send x-mas greetings to all our members and guests.

Wishing all the best for peaceful christmas days and a happy new year 2005.

Also we weant to thank you for your support to this project in 2004

your OPN-Team

2004-12-24 15:33:43 39798
OPN NewsA very frequently asked question (mainly in private communications) of our visitors is concerning the position of OpenPHPNuke in the world of the Nukes: PhpNuke, PostNuke and all the others.

It's very difficult to answer this question,
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2004-05-30 18:16:59 40797
OPN Development and Releases
OPN NewsWe intend to make the process of development more transparent to facilitate co-operation with new developers joining OPN.

Further on we want to try to release new versions in shorter time to fulfill the wishes of the OPN community.

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2004-04-05 21:43:08 39476
OpenPHPnuke Latest News! English Newsletter Available
OPN NewsStay informed about the current development of openPHPnuke and sign up for our free English newsletter. It will be distributed approximately once or twice a month.

You can subscribe and unsubscribe at any time. The personal data you enter
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2004-04-04 20:50:44 34232
OpenPHPNuke 2.0.1 Bugfix Release available
OPN NewsThere is no bug free software! So we also had to fix some bugs after the Release 2.0.0. Many thanks to the users who helped with their bug messages to find and fix the bugs.

In our Download Area you find the following files:
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2004-03-30 08:39:52 33448
Welcome Freshmeat Visitors
OPN NewsNice to meet you here and be invited to download and test our 'baby': It's called OpenPHPNuke (OPN), a Web Content Management System, with a nearly completly redone code and structure. You see the results of more than two years of
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2004-03-27 20:47:45 37940
OpenPHPNuke 2.0.0 released
OPN NewsOpenPHPNuke 2.0.0 released

The OPN Dev Team proudly anounces the release of Stable Version OpenPHPNuke 2.0.0.

  • Kicked off a lot of bugs
  • Better overall performance
  • Reviewed the PHP Code
  • Lots of new details
  • and a lot
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2004-03-23 14:06:10 24166
Some Modifications of Calendar Module
OPN NewsIt's now possible to show optionally the date to the list of events. You can choose different sizes to display the date: long, short, with carriage return.
The display of multiline events was changed to appear a little bit nicer (as I hope
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2004-03-10 11:57:53 19989
German RC2 Contest
OPN NewsYes we are currently preparing for RC2. The community was growing enormously since the release of RC1 and there were a lot of comments and wishes for RC2. So we needed some time to prepare RC2. But now we need man power to get these bugs out
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2004-01-27 22:29:43 24554
OpenPHPNuke ONLINE live test
OPN NewsCMSInfo glad to provide OpenPHPNuke ONLINE live test on our server.

Now every one can test OPN without downloading it and installing it on there's server.

We give you FULL access to OPN. You can do anything you want.
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2003-12-17 19:04:16 28230
If you have problems in downloading from this site
OPN NewsIf you have problems downloading files from this site, please check:
  • Did you deactivate the transmission of the referer in the browser?
  • Did you deactivate the transmission of the referer in your firewall?
  • Do you use an anonymous
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2003-11-24 10:22:03 19751
News from the Cross Upgrade
OPN NewsThanks to our community!
Our developers got some database dumps for PHPNuke from interested users and they were able to extend the cross upgrade script. It should now be possible to upgrade from PHPNuke 6.5 and PHPNuke 6.9 to OpenPHPNuke.
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2003-10-18 22:33:23 19060
King of "free" CMS?
OPN NewsI must admit... I am a little biased! after all, I am writing this article here at OPN.

What can I say? I mean, I am no genius when it comes to the cutting edge of php coding... actually I am just a newbie that was facinated the first time
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2003-10-07 04:42:49 23071
Yes, we provide an Infobrochure
OPN NewsGet a quick overview about OpenPHPNuke and the features you can expect at this location.

2003-09-11 22:08:15 13562
Modules available for download
OPN NewsStefan did an extra night shift and now all our OPN modules are available in the download area.
You get each module individually wrapped along with a brief description. So now you can choose
precisely which module you want to download.
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2003-09-11 17:47:50 24190
OpenPHPNuke 1.0.0 RC released
OPN NewsFinally!

No more waiting! Our OPN Release Candidate 1.0.0 has just been published by our developers! You find a Core-Version and all the modules in the download area.

A big "thank you!" to our developers

Heinz Hombergs
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2003-09-10 23:29:47 18882
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