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OPN NewsIf you are writing text and you are using words which are defined in Glossary module, these words are converted automatically to links to glossary.

In the following an example: avatar

Using the macro capability in OPN you can also define a link to wikipedia:

[ wiki=OpenPHPnuke;en ] or in a different language:
[ wiki=OpenPHPNuke ;de ]

[wiki=OpenPHPnuke;en] in english wikipedia
[wiki=OpenPHPNuke ;de] in german wikipedia

To activate this feature use the following setting:
1. Admin Settings Misc : Use OPN expert mode Yes
2. Admin Settings Macro: Switch the appropriate macro to Yes
3. Admin Settings Macromodule: Switch the appropriate modules to Yes.

Posted by manne on 2005-07-18 12:11:01  (39092 * reads) 

     Auf Facebook posten


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Re: New feature Autolink implemented in OPN trunk 
by manne on 2005-07-24 15:29:42 
Function updated to allow test in this article
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