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OPN NewsFinally it is out: OPN Release 2.4.16 has been rolled out.

IMPORTANT!!! After autoupdate you have to run at least once a pluginrepair, a repair menus of the modules. (better to it serveral times). If you can´t see the dropdown menu, press F5 to reload the page.

This release is a big update, because of the progress to 2009 all files were changed.

There a some new modules, some user requests have been implemented and some bus were fixed.

* Realisation of user desired features *
* New category handling
* Slow transition to PHP5 as preferred system
* Themengroup - Handling Rework
* ISO Composer Enhancement for Domain renaiming also in website content
* Enhanced view for sitemap in the themes
* Fix for FF browser bug in an option field
* Added Centerbox for Backend
* Added DowpDown menu to meta tags
* Added DowpDown menu for yellow pages
* Added DowpDown for last seen
* Added DowpDown for review
* Added xDebug
* Added search funktion to module moduleinfo
* Added admin function to delete calendar entries
* Theme change: delete css class bgcolor3
* Theme change: delete $opnTheme['bgcolor3']
* Theme change: add CSS Class für Kommentare
* Add module: tag cloud
* Add new module: tinyMCE as alternative editor
* Add new sidebox: social bookmarks
* Add trick that Google recognizes page as "Blog"
* Add new settigs for FCK [MB]
* Change Dropdown Menu to HTML set - Enhancement for Bots [MB]
* Add function in article: enhanced options for show/hide of articles
* Add function in articlebox: newest article selection out of several articles categories
* Add function in articlebox: article date box - selection of articles of several articles categories
* Add re-presentation for partner, sidebox, centerbox and yellowpages
* New Settings für FCK added[MB]
* DropDown Menu changed to HTML Set - better for bots [MB]
* OpenID Login added
* Important security fix for SQLITE users
* MySql Installation with parameter „STRICT_TRANS_TABLES“ now included
* Config test in Windows enviroment does not abortÄnderungen könnt ihr hier im Changelog. entnehmen.

To update OPN version 2.4.15 to 2.4.16 download the update files. If you do update OPN, please follow the update introductions.

For a new installation from the scratch please read the installation tutorial.

The Full version download and the update files can be found in the download section behind the link "Zusätzliche Dateien"

So enjoy the new release !
The OPN-Team

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     Auf Facebook posten http://www.openphpnuke.com/system/article/index.php?opnparams=CntdOAI3CmdWP1U%2F


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