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OPN NewsStefan did an extra night shift and now all our OPN modules are available in the download area.
You get each module individually wrapped along with a brief description. So now you can choose
precisely which module you want to download.

About the installation:

Each module is wrapped according to its destination within the OPN directory, example - the "Terms and Conditions" module:
The zip file is and is wrapped as follows:
modules/agb/und_here_ all_ the_files.

So after downloading you can upload the file directly into the main OPN file, all the paths will be congruent. In dealing with your Zip-program you have to make sure that it maintains the file structure while unzipping.

If all modules are properly unpacked, you go to
And start the installation.

Hoping that all went well; if not, we’ll meet in the OPN Board „installation“ :-)

Posted by manne on 2003-09-11 17:47:50  (19468 * reads) 

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Re: Modules available for download 
by manne on 2003-09-14 20:34:24 
Be sure to be logged in if you want download the modules.

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