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OPN NewsIt's now possible to show optionally the date to the list of events. You can choose different sizes to display the date: long, short, with carriage return.
The display of multiline events was changed to appear a little bit nicer (as I hope :-) ). The 'Mouse Over' now displays no timestamp in whole day events.

If you move from the event list, day view or month view to the events the appropriate timestamp will be shown. In events lasting several days always the date of the first day is shown.

I want to encourage you to work in the program code. I discovered OPN two weeks ago and I'm a totally PHP beginner -- but I'm experienced in other languages.

It was possible to get a quick introduction in the (large) code with the kindly help of the developers. Many thanks to Stefan and Alex.

A very interesting detail was appending a new parameter to the code: There was no need to write code for the database not even I had to care for the saving of the data.

Looking at OPN from the inside and the outside reveals a well designed system.

Well done, keep it up!


Posted by vosskaem on 2004-03-10 11:57:53  (16332 * reads) 

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