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OPN NewsWe intend to make the process of development more transparent to facilitate co-operation with new developers joining OPN.

Further on we want to try to release new versions in shorter time to fulfill the wishes of the OPN community.

Needless to say, this is more work and the whole thing will only work for the future if you participate.

Up to now a big shortfall was the lack of the actual Developer Version. Because of technical circumstances the code had to be exchanged between the developers via eMail. Thus the maintenance of an version control system was a big obstacle.

But with Subversion we now have found a tool which can , thanks to it's https capability, provide a repository for version control over difficult to manage proxy servers.

(but our 12 000 files of the complete OPN currently still produce performance problems!)

The additional effort for the maintenance of the branches requires assistance. Volker (usernick: vosskaem) has agreed to look after the current release, afer that it will turn out wether it will feasible for him further. Volker is new to PHP, but knows subversion very well. Many thanks to Volker for his help and support!

So it depends on you, how often stable releases will be offered.

In our Developer's Corner you can find out more about things you should know and how to help us.

The OPN Team

Posted by xweber on 2004-04-05 21:43:08  (35239 * reads) 

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