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Some words about OpenPHPnuke
OPN News

OpenPHPnuke (OPN) is a so called Web Content Management System (WCMS). With OPN you can create and manage dynamic webpages on which users can directly interact with the content of the site.
In the traditional way the webbuilding process

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Tuesday, April 15 10551
Templates and individual layout,
OPN DEV News Yet another step forward with build 99.

We want to get away from average-looking boxes, blocks and standardized layouts – which make a WCMS so recognizable – and are moving fast towards a manageable individual layout for your website. Our

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Monday, April 21 8249
Preliminary info regarding the OpenPHPnuke Version Control System (VCS)

This is not the famous CVS (Concurrent Versions System), no typo! Actually it is not definite, yet, since the feature has not been implemented entirely, anyhow – some functions are already available.
OPN Betatesters are already

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Wednesday, April 23 8680
Changes in the contact us-form
OPN DEV NewsOriginally written by hombergs, translated by xtreme

In build 100 the module for your contact-form will be very much changed.
Now you can make the fields for URL, ICQ, firm, and location visible or invisible.
The module will contain

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Wednesday, April 23 8534
The CREATE INDEX problem
OPN DEV NewsOriginally written by hombergs , translated by xtreme

Who among the Betatesters has encountered problems with CREATE INDEX on his webspace?
I believe, I’ve come up with a solution here.

If you are creating an index and receive the
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Thursday, April 24 7810
Forum Access Rights
OPN NewsWhile configuring a new forum and specifying the access-modifications, the following options are open to you:
    Level of access (who will be allowed to access the forum)
  • anonymous
  • registered users only
  • moderators/administrators only

    type of
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Saturday, April 26 9553
Everything revised ...
OPN DEV NewsOriginally written by hombergs, translated by xtreme

... in build 100. This is an update which will be exactly as substantial as the former update containing improved date-stamp facilities.

To be more precise, quite many OPN features have
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Tuesday, April 29 8629
Cross Upgrade postnuke to openPHPnuke: Tests are running...
OPN DEV News.....and they are looking good. Our betatesters are reporting the successful upgrade from postnuke version 0.71 and higher to openPHPnuke.

Until now, webmasters can upgrade from MyPhpNuke and PostNuke to openPHPnuke.

More cross upgrades
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Wednesday, April 30 8734
New in Build 100: The New OPN Forum
OPN NewsDid you think nothing much is happening here? You are greatly mistaken. In Build 100 we will have a remake and a large number of wishtickets will be completed.
    Now there are three kinds of threads possible in the forum:
  • Messages
  • Important
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Sunday, May 04 10174
Shifting an Article to a Forum
OPN DEV NewsOriginally written by hombergs.
In wishticket WT335 webschmied suggested to implement a function that makes it possible to shift articles to forums.
Now with Build 100 not only shifting an article to a forum will be possible: additionally
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Thursday, May 15 9899
Wishticket WT239 also done
OPN DEV NewsIn Build 100 it's now possible to create groups of partner sites in the module partners. These groups can be displayed in center- and sideboxes. It's also possible to create different partnerboxes.

Saturday, May 17 7782
Changes in module Newsletter
OPN DEV NewsThe module newsletter is now controlled via the module usergroups. Anonymous users may subscribe/unsubscribe and get an email containing registration key, registration link, and detailed instructions as to what to do with those information.
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Monday, May 19 9914
Show boxes only in a specific time frame (Wishticket WT295)
OPN DEV NewsWhen defining a new box, you have to enter start (time and date) and end (time and date) the box will be showed. Entering the year 9999 in both cases only the time will be recognized by the system. Then its possible to switch a box on and off
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Friday, May 30 9793
OpenPHPnuke Latest News! English Newsletter Now Available
OPN NewsStay informed about the current development of openPHPnuke and sign up for our free English newsletter. It will be distributed approximately twice a month.

You can subscribe and unsubscribe at any time. The personal data you enter will be
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Thursday, June 12 10602
Pre Build 100 released
OPN NewsThe first version of Pre Beta Build 100 was released by the developer team of openPHPnuke this week - accessible for the betatester team. This version is not meant for updates of online systems, it is the first step towards the Build 100.

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Thursday, June 26 10718
New Movies Module
OPN Modules NewsWebschmied writes:

While I was surfing various communities, I came up with something to enhance the interaction on a page considerably: evaluating latest movies. As the reviews-module best fits this purpose, I have quickly adapted it.

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Thursday, June 26 15523
New Backendmodule
OPN DEV NewsHombergs writes:

In this beta download there will be a new module called backend. This module will replace all backend scripts in the root directory. So that not only articles can be presented as RSS/RDF feed, but also bookcorner, yellow
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Thursday, June 26 9825
Where does OPN have its origins?
OPN NewsNewly added in our documention: a chapter on the history of OPN.

Have a look at find it here

Tuesday, July 08 8677
Good bye myphpnuke, good bye postnuke
OPN NewsTry the OPN crossupgrade feature. Using your "old " database in OPN it will save hours of hard work.
Currently supported systems:
Upgrade from myphpnuke 1.8x
Upgrade from postnuke 0.7x

Coming soon:
Upgrade from xoops RC3
Upgrade from
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Friday, July 11 12055
Recent Newsletter Available
OPN NewsA new newsletter is available with the latest news from the planned release as well as the current development of openPHPnuke. Have a look here.

Note: you need to be registered to access the newsletter. Choose a nickname and enter an email
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Tuesday, July 22 9863
Problems to register at this website
OPN NewsBecause of minor technical problems some registrations failed or the guests missed the registration email.
We apologize for that.

Please try to login again with your nickname and your password. If you forgot your password, login with your
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Saturday, July 26 9625
The preversion of Build 100 version 0.22.38
OPN DEV NewsThe preversion of Build 100 version 0.22.38 has just been released. It contains an update of Build 99 to Build 100, too.

Since the Update has not yet been sufficiently tested, it is to be regarded as a PreVersion. As soon as we have the
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Sunday, August 17 9668
OPN and the server configurations
OPN DEV NewsOPN 100 comes with several new settings. Here, I will be explaining the access to the “filesystem”.

Problem: there are hundreds of ways how you can configure an Apache-Server. Especially with Linux there seem to be endless variations. This
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Sunday, August 17 10959 Newsletter Latest News No. 15 08/15/2003
OPN NewsA new newsletter is available with the latest news from the planned release as well as the current development of openPHPnuke. Have a look here.

Note: you need to be registered to access the newsletter. Choose a nickname and enter an email
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Sunday, August 17 10431
OpenPHPNuke 1.0.0 RC released
OPN NewsFinally!

No more waiting! Our OPN Release Candidate 1.0.0 has just been published by our developers! You find a Core-Version and all the modules in the download area.

A big "thank you!" to our developers

Heinz Hombergs
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Wednesday, September 10 15153
Modules available for download
OPN NewsStefan did an extra night shift and now all our OPN modules are available in the download area.
You get each module individually wrapped along with a brief description. So now you can choose
precisely which module you want to download.
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Thursday, September 11 19466
Yes, we provide an Infobrochure
OPN NewsGet a quick overview about OpenPHPNuke and the features you can expect at this location.

Thursday, September 11 10429
King of "free" CMS?
OPN NewsI must admit... I am a little biased! after all, I am writing this article here at OPN.

What can I say? I mean, I am no genius when it comes to the cutting edge of php coding... actually I am just a newbie that was facinated the first time
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Tuesday, October 07 17852
News from the Cross Upgrade
OPN NewsThanks to our community!
Our developers got some database dumps for PHPNuke from interested users and they were able to extend the cross upgrade script. It should now be possible to upgrade from PHPNuke 6.5 and PHPNuke 6.9 to OpenPHPNuke.
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Saturday, October 18 15314
Happy belated birthday, dear xweber!
Yes we know:
  • fancy cakes
  • jeeps

are some of the hobbys of you. So you get both. :-)
Best wishes and a lot of joy programming OPN

The Developer Team

Monday, October 20 11293

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