An example for the module "Themegroups"

I made an example on this webpage. Have a look at the upper right corner. There is a box called Themegroups. In this box you can choose
  • All
  • Friends
  • Friends have gone

I also made a sidebox in the right upper corner named Hi Friends.

Now choose Friends have gone in the Themegroups Box and click Pages. What happens? --> The sidebox Hi Friends disappeared.

Now choose Friends in the Themegroup Box , click Pages and the Hi Friends Box will be shown.
The same if you choose All and click Pages

What have you seen? In OPN you can switch off and on boxes, depending on some kind of category which you can define in the admin of the module themegroups.

How can this be done? Define themegroups in the module themegroups. When you define a box in admin sidemenu or centermenu you can define at item "Category" wether it shall be shown in a distinct themegroup. In my example i defined a HTML Box as sidebox, named it "Hi Friends" and in "Category" I choosed "Friends". In this case the box will be displayed if themegroups is choosen "All" or "Friends"

Give this feature a try, perhaps you have gotten a better example, let me know and I put it in the documentation.

Help appreciated :-)


P.S. In RC2 you can choose the themegroup which will be used when OPN is started. A lot of ideas ar feasible then :-) Think about it.

Posted by manne on 2003-11-29 21:40:28  (20985 * reads) 

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