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This is not the famous CVS (Concurrent Versions System), no typo! Actually it is not definite, yet, since the feature has not been implemented entirely, anyhow – some functions are already available.
OPN Betatesters are already familiar with it, but for those of you who have been using Nuke it might be a feature you have been longing to get: An update-system which is completely integrated into the websurface of OpenPHPNuke. With a few clicks you can check whether any updates are available and download them immediately. So, as an OPN webmaster you no longer have to rummage around the chaotic tangle of previous versions and updates, at all. With this feature you will be focussing on administering your page more purposefully – also with regard to latest developments and updates.

Until now we could only provide you with all-round-updates for OPN, in the near future you will be able to update just a single module, too. The mechanism will be as follows:
If someone comes up with a new module for OPN, she/he can sign it up at the central library and will receive an individual number for the project. Then the developer can register her/his version of the module.
Using the webinterface, an OPN webmaster can check which version of the module is currently active on her/his system and which updates are available from the central library. If an update is available, you can start downloading it with a click.

You are using build 99 and want to try this? For the update go to Admin --> Modulinfos --> Click system/FAQ. For the module FAQ you should find a version 2 there.

Current limitations: the user administration is missing where users will be able to submit their modules, also changes concerning the database are not yet taken into account, just the changes in code. But soon enough this will change as well.

Thanks to those features OPN has a unique updatesystem available which is so comfortable and easy to use for webmasters.
Just like OpenPhpNuke: always a step ahead.

Thanks to xtreme for translation

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