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OPN Modules NewsHey all,

I'm happy to announce that the PJIRC chat module is in it's final beta stage.

Some History
I made this module because I wanted a easy to configure chat module so not only myself but other team members of www.chatstar.nl (We are currently on a migration path to OPN) could change, add and delete channels without modifying the HTML. So I decided to write a module for it and with the help of these great people on the opn IRC chat channel I wrote the module.

I downloaded the PJIRC applet from www.pjirc.com a few weeks ago and we currently using it on our website. One of the great things about that applet is that its just looks great!! Plouf did some real good work there..

What the module does
  • Configuration tools to simple change, delete and add servers using a web interface without any knowledge of HTML.
  • Pop-up possibility
  • Change width and hight of the applet
  • Automatically adjust basic colours changes according to your theme
  • Add images with each channel, they are nicely lid up using a java script
  • Override the changes the module by manually adding param/value to the end of the applet configuration
  • A picture says more then a thousand words...see images below...

What the module NOT does
  • It doesn't provide you a chat server!!! You need to install your own IRC server, or use one of the many free servers out there.

Sidebox view
Here you see a sidebox with a channel image and a text above that image...you can press both and bring you straight to the right server and channel.

You can add more channels in this box but you cannot mix multiple networks on this box.

Sidebox Channel Configuration
First I like you to show the box configuration, I'll explain later:

Parameter explanation
  • 1: Tells your sidebox in how many columns it will show you the channels, 1 gives you just all channels below each other, ideally for side boxes. Personally I use 99 for a middlebox but I only use a few channels.
  • 2: Here you can select if you want to show a image, a text only or both
  • 3: Here you can select where to put the text relative to a channel image, if selected of course.
  • 4: Selecting YES will show the applet in a pop-up window. This needs a small hack to your theme, mail me if you need any details..
  • 5: If you did configure smileys in OPN, you can tell the applet to use them directly out-of-the-box, adding smileys to OPN will add smileys to your applet as well.
  • 6: If you want to open the applet in a pop-up window, then here you can tell it's size.
  • 7: Changing the applet's height. The width will be set according to it's surroundings (set to 100% in HTML terms)
  • 8: What network to display on the channel selection box.

Server and channel Configuration
This is pretty simple, You can create networks, within each network you can have multiple servers and multiple channels. Multiple servers are used in a networks in such a way that if server is down, the applet will automatically change server.
Here is how it looks:

Changing/adding/deleting is just a click of a button..
All channels added in a network will be shown in the sidebox configuration.
What more can I say... this is basically the same as in most IRC clients.

Applet configuration
I'm not going to explain this here but if you want to change anything in here, please read the documentation on www.pjirc.com because it might set the applet in a not working situation.

How does it look?
This is the look on my site.....

For downloading this applet you can go to: rvt.homelinux.org You will see it right away.

Just direct them to my mail address at: openphpnuke@rvt.dds.nl

Big thanks........
All the guys from OPN, manne for the german translation, bdragon for creating the chat icon, xweber, hhombergs stefan, priesner for always helping me out! :)

Best Regards,
Ries van Twisk

Posted by rvt on 2003-12-31 12:44:42  (26345 * reads) 

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Re: PJIRC based IRC client module 
by xweber on 2003-12-31 12:49:07  http://www.kamelfreunde.de
thank you for your module.

Re: PJIRC based IRC client module 
by anonymous on 2004-01-08 18:30:28 
I've been using the module for a couple of weeks now and i'm very impressed. I highly recommend it!
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