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OPN DEV NewsHombergs writes:

In this beta download there will be a new module called backend. This module will replace all backend scripts in the root directory. So that not only articles can be presented as RSS/RDF feed, but also bookcorner, yellow pages , howtos, weblogs, downloads, gallery, weblinks, message board, reviews, and sections.

Of course, webmasters can determine from withing the modules configuration which newsfeeds are to be presented by the module.

Then, the module can display the feed in these formats:

- RDS/RDF 0.91
- RDS/RDF 1.0
- RDS/RDF 2.0 Draft

You can call to the actual backend from four different links:

1. OPN_URL/system/backend/backend.php?version=100&limit=10&module=system/article

parameter version contains RSS/RDF version (optional)

parameter limit contains the number of returned data (optional)

parmater module contains the modul from which the feed shall originate (compulsory)

2. OPN_URL/system/backend/backend.php?limit=10&module=system/article

3. OPN_URL/system/backend/backend.php?version=100&module=system/article

4. OPN_URL/system/backend/backend.php?module=system/article

As you will have noticed, parameter version and limit can be omitted. If one of those is not found, the standard setting will automatically be activated.

Posted by manne on 2003-06-26 22:43:00  (8851 * reads) 

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