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OPN DEV NewsIn RC2 OPN gets a new feature, very interesting for those of us who can access their webserver via SSH:

OPN goes Shell

No, that's not the petrol station, but the Command Line common to Linux Systems. In RC2 you can control and call scripts via shell, see some details:

In the OPN Root directory there will be a new directory called "opn-bin". After the installation you chmod this directory to '0777'. This directory contains the shellscripts delivered by the modules. So this directory will be filled during installation of modules.
The directory "opn-bin" is protected against access from outside OPN via a ".htaccess" file. To activate this protection after installation, you should rename the file "#.htaccess" to ".htaccess".

The OPN Developer Team

Posted by xweber on 2004-01-20 20:32:38  (23262 * reads) 

  Topics   Auf Facebook posten http://www.openphpnuke.com/system/article/index.php?opnparams=CntdOAI3CmdWMlU2


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Re: OPN goes Shell in RC2 
by rvt on 2004-01-21 21:15:24  http://rvt.homelinux.org
sounds like a cool feature... I haven't seen this yet....

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