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Themes für 2.2.6 available at Sourceforge
OPN ThemesThe themes for OPN version 2.2.6 are now available at Sourceforge. Be aware, the themes in our SVN repository are for future version 2.3 and are not working in 2.2.6.

When working with 2.2.6 themes you must use our Bugtracking Page if you
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2005-08-05 14:36:35 48508
Creating and Editing Themes in OPN rc1
OPN ThemesMy Theme - first steps to the creating your own Theme based on the CSS Theme layout in OPN RC1.

This guidance is to help you better understand the Theme system for OPN. So
if everything fails at first attempt, do
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2003-12-14 00:08:41 27853
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