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OPN DEV NewsOriginally written by hombergs, translated by xtreme

... in build 100. This is an update which will be exactly as substantial as the former update containing improved date-stamp facilities.

To be more precise, quite many OPN features have changed in the meantime:
  • The module for page-protection is now replaced by a new system of access rights.
  • The user groups management has been extended. Now you can specify rights of access for a certain module to a user group. Additionally, a group can inherit another group’s rights. OPN comes along with eight different system-rights. You are free to add up to 24 more special module-rights.
  • In the newly released Build 100 the administration area for user-groups is placed in the upper third of the administration menu.
  • Then, the user administration in general has been refined: As the page administrator you can activate, modify, and delete user accounts, and of course reactivate formerly deleted accounts. A user can be a member of several user-groups and receive autonomous rights for specified modules.
  • In build 100 the administration for users is placed in the upper third of the administration menu, too.
  • Diverse administrators will vanish since the former page-protection is replaced, now.

Each module may (but does not necessarily have to) notify the rights-administrators (for group and user) about certain rights. The following are the eight system-rights:
1. read (is the page open to read?)
2. write (can you write on the page?)
3. read bot (is a bot allowed to read the page?)
4. modify (is it allowed to modify an entry in the module-admin?)
5. new (is it allowed to submit a new entry to the module-admin?)
6. delete (is it allowed to delete an entry in the module-admin?)
7. configuration (is it allowed to configure the module?)
8. full admin-rights (equals the rights 4 to 7 plus specific module-admin rights if there are any) along with up to 24 specific module-rights.
System-right number 3 applies only if OPN is able to identify the user as bot.

One more thing: Obviously members of the user-group “webmaster“ always obtain the full admin-rights :) !

Please don’t rave about when build 100 will finally be released… we are working like crazy on modifying the modules to fit the new right-system.

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