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OPN DEV NewsHello everybody,

the new release OPN 2.4.9 is now available!

Numberous bugs have been fixed and new features have been realised.(e.g. the modul User_Favorites has been added), exact data of all chages you find in the changelog.

All downloads can be found here.
The full version and all the update packages you find under the headline "Zusätzliche Dateien"

openphpnuke-2.4.9-full.* - The whole OPN, with modules and all languages included
openphpnuke-2.4.9-core.* - OPN without the modules
openphpnuke-2.4.9-modules-full.* - Only the modules complete

There are also update files to update older OPN versions 2.4.8 to 2.4.9: here



Note: the somewhat strange revision number '1138:1142' is based on the fact, that the modul user favorites has been added accidently after finishing the package without checking the version number again.

Additional info: after a successful update please check if the setting for CHMOD for new directories is set to 0777 or 0755. You will find it in Admin - Settings - Filesystem. If there is a wrong value set, OPN will not be able to write new directories (e.g. the cache dirs). Mostly neccessary when you install new moduls.

Posted by golive on 2007-11-01 12:24:54  (27851 * reads) 

  Topics   Auf Facebook posten http://www.openphpnuke.com/system/article/index.php?opnparams=CntdOAI3CmdWP1Uz


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