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Changelog for OPN 2.2.4

Find the full version here: opn 2.2.4

Find the patch here: update opn 2.2.3 to 2.2.4

openphpnuke-2.2.4-full.* - The whole OPN, with modules and all languages included
openphpnuke-2.2.4-core.* - OPN without the modules
openphpnuke-2.2.4-modules-full.* - Only the modules complete
openphpnuke-2.2.4-module-xxx.* - single modules(only these who have changed since 2.2.4 )

If you have already installed 2.2.3 you can use the patch files
openphpnuke-2.2.3-to-2.2.4-* . These files contain only the changes since version 2.2.3 .

We recommend to use the *.tgz oder *.tar.bz2 files.
These are much smaller than Zip's. Windows can use theses files without trouble:
*.tgz can be handled with Powerarchiver, Winzip or Winrar.
Powerarchiver or Winrar can handle *.tar.bz2 . A pure " tar for Windows" is available as gnuwin32.

The OPN-Team

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