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OPN DEV NewsOpenPHPNuke 2.0.2 Bugfix Release available

To download the files you must be registered and logged in!

Find the full version here: opn-2.0.2

Find the patch here: opn-2.0.0-to-2.0.2

openphpnuke-2.0.2-full.* - The whole OPN, with modules and all languages included
openphpnuke-2.0.2-core.* - OPN without the modules
openphpnuke-2.0.2-modules-full.* - Only the modules complete
openphpnuke-2.0.2-module-xxx.* - single modules(only these who have changed since 2.0.0 )

If you have already installed 2.0.0 or 2.0.1 you can use the patch files
openphpnuke-2.0.0-to-2.0.2-* . These files contain only the changes since version 2.0.0 .

We recommend to use the *.tgz oder *.tar.bz2 files.
These are much smaller than Zip's. Windows can use theses files without trouble:
*.tgz can be handled with Powerarchiver, Winzip or Winrar.
Powerarchiver or Winrar can handle *.tar.bz2 . A pure " tar for Windows" is available as gnuwin32.

The OPN-Team

In the following from the Changelog:

2.0.2 Bugfix Release

User visible changes
[-] fix download module
[-] remove theme/openphpnuke because "name" problems
[-] fix anypage: corrected html col groups
[-] Warning Unknown Index errorlog_triggermail in step 7 of 7 in install
[-] Warning Unknown index in filedb class
[-] fix calendar: preselect on eventview not set correctly
[-] fix glossary: wrong table css used
[-] fix anypage: page is shown to everyone even when its turned off
because of known url
[-] fix headlines: html error
[-] fix: get html content works only behind Proxy
[-] fix: warning on fresh install on 2.0.1
[-] fix for menu_xl problem in menu_box
[-] fix httpclient: wont get any results from certain servers. Now its
more http RFC compliant.
[-] fix branchen: removed some unnecessary title output
[-] fix for modules_stats
[-] fix forum: wrongs table name used
[-] fix for show trouble_ticket
[-] fix for show wish_ticket
[-] fix egallery: false calculation of rating
[-] fix myguestbock
[-] fix egallery: cant publish submitted medias
[-] fix admin sorting
[-] branchen: sql error cleaned
[-] fix forum: sql bug when set on index page and forum is restricted
[-] Blocked Intrusions / free IP address did not work
[-] fix calendar: near appointments not shown in sidebox
[-] fix egallery: cannot go though pages in editmedias
[-] fix talking_free: could not delete single entry
[-] fix poll: url in admin email not encoded
[-] fix form.class: Debug error not written into errorlog - mail only
[-] fix lastseen: fixed sidebox css class
[-] html fix for aticle and user_images
[-] fix banner: language in mail
[-] fix banner: show text unlimited in mail instead of 0 total impressions
[-] fix egallery: editing existing medias drops media date
[-] fix HTML Box
[-] fix forum: wrong image path in forum access
[-] fix howto admin
[-] plugin repair fix: corrects some initial vars
[-] fix: warning in last step of install
[-] fix diag: unreadable output for default vars
[-] fix branchen: var global scope wont work when not called directly
[-] fix myguestbook: change of no result detection
[-] fix textclass: only use of http protocol in menuxl possible
[-] fix egallery: php warning when no images found in batch
[-] fix user: inconsistent data when changing username
[-] fix user: added missing file
[-] fix anypage show page did not work
[-] fix anypage admin change "page name" did not work
[-] fix egallery: Top10 headline for voting shown even if no rights for
[-] fix anypage: improper var types for select box
[-] fix html show glossar
[-] fix glossar: prevent false rounding
[-] fix anypage: false rounding of minutes
[-] fix anypage: page name with quotes cannot be saved
[-] fix reviews: admin footer shown even if not wanted
[-] fix moviez: admin footer shown even if not wanted
[-] del debug error
[-] fix for 0 cat
[-] fix theme_group: parse error in lang file
[-] fix diag: mysql causes false dectection of default values
[-] fix faq admin sort did not work
[-] smilies: html fix
[-] fix for utf8 coding in lang files
[-] fix if LOCK TABLES is "Access denied"

Developer visible changes
[-] fix catclass: corrected preselection in none
[-] fix banners: var was not a var
[-] fix catclass: html error of no categories defined
[-] Fixed a parse error in class.opn_filedb.php
[-] Fix FileDB
[-] fix for file class
[-] fix forum: double defined lang var
[-] fix egalley: wrong var name
[-] fix fileclass: was checking things that not has to be checked
[-] fix cat class: HTML character entity not set
[-] fix sql: column names
[-] fix trouble ticket vari. not set
[-] fix wish ticket vari. not set

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